Thursday is local election day in England, a confusing array of authorities are holding elections. There's metropolitan borough councils, non metropolitan district councils the London boroughs, unitary authorities and some mayoral elections. Some authorities contest all of their seats, some half and others, including London, all of their seats. The most confusing thing about these elections though is that as the results come in through the night on Thursday and on Friday we will learn that some people will have voted Tory.

These Tory voters will be spread all over the country, in every ward and borough they will be scurrying to the polling station, hearts filled with darkness and hatred. They will have cackled with glee at the stories of the Windrush generation being denied access to services and been positively aroused by reports of deportation. The Tory voters will be proud that the libraries have closed, the disabled starved and slightly miffed that the poor haven't dumped into ditches dug by teenagers doing national service. Yet.

Turn out tomorrow. Stop the Tories.

Punx UK


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