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Warzone Collective began in 1984 when a few local musicians decided to pool their efforts, seize the times and get their own venue, practice rooms and social space. By 1986 the Collective opened its first premises in Belfast which provided a vegetarian cafe/drop in centre (Giros), practice and office space, venue and screen printing workshop. It developed organically along DiY lines and soon became a focal point for alternative culture in the city. In 1991 the Collective moved to a larger and more ambitious venue. Over the years thousands of people passed through the doors and were exposed to new ideas centred around the DiY ethos, and the Centre became the counter-cultural hub for the greater Belfast area and beyond. Towards the end of 2003 the Centre closed for a number of different reasons but it left a gap in radical Belfast culture. In 2007 discussions began and eventually in 2009 the Collective reformed and by 2011 a new centre was opened once again. Where it goes from here depends on all those who get involved. Warzone Collective is everyone who helps! To book an event in the Centre please contact[email protected] for an application form. For information on upcoming events visit the Warzone forum orwww.facebook.com/pages/Warzone-gig-collective/156649134364054


released 09 January 2014
Massive thanks to all the bands who contributed tracks towards this project!
We are all we have.



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