The Vile are the best thing to hit the UK scene in quite some time, they’ve blown away many bands they’ve supported and set a new standard in quality. After just getting back from a tour of Italy they’ve done what they’ve always threatened and realised a new EP.

Fear of The Truth – A pure killing field! A bloody butcher of a song that doesn’t give nor asks for any quarter, it kills, maims and smashes to a tangled mess anything in its path. Expect no survivors and scenes of utter destruction.

What Doesn’t Kill – The slaughter continues unabated, whole cities are flattened and armies crushed before the power of The Vile. This song grabs you by the ears and smashes your face painfully into the ground until you cry for mercy, but believe me you'll receive none.

It is what it is – Just like a barbarian has battered his way into your living room, ransacked your possessions, stuck a battle axe in your face and touched the place. You’ll be left in no condition to make a statement after this.

I can’t rate this highly enough, The Vile are tearing up the UK scene like no other band and we all should be thankful. They have shown that half measures just aren’t good enough anymore, give your all or fuck off! It is that simple.

Do everything you can to support this band, go to their gigs (you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll blow the main band off stage) and buy there merch, these are the kick up the arse punk needs!

Nothing short of NATO can stop The Vile now!

Rating 5/5

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