Valensole – ‘Where We Should Be’

Newly formed punk rockers Valensole are clearly influenced by bands like Nirvana, Green Day and Sum 41, as evidenced by their self-released new EP ‘Where We Should Be’. ‘Staple Waster’ is a great opening track, leading with energy that kicks you in the face right from the beginning. The rhythmic guitar and drums open with endless intensity that remains ruthless throughout.

Capturing your attention right from the beginning of the track, ‘Where We Should Be’ opens with the unsettling sounds of record player scratching, white noise and amp feedback, closely followed by a high EQ guitar riff, the lyrics “dazed and confused, with nothing left to lose” setting us up for the rest of the track.

The drums sound boxy throughout, however this works against the punk-rock and grunge that resonates through the music. The production is stripped back and it’s refreshing to hear in today’s over-produced music industry.

Elliot Jones shows off his vocal ability, sounding somewhere between Kurt Cobain and Billie Joe Armstrong: carefree and sloppy like Cobain but with a twist of passion and dynamics like Armstrong,

Overall ‘Where We Should Be’ is a well-written, well executed EP with a lot of elements to keep your ears entertained. It is full of rebellion, howling lyrics and has that raw, stripped back quality that can be sadly lacking in the genre today.


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