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February 2nd will be a day to celebrate for all the death punk fans in the world.
The date marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Apocalypse Dudes – the best rock album ever released by a Norwegian band.
The album is as popular today as it was twenty years ago and it has made TURBONEGRO a celebrated name in rock and roll.
Turbonegro have decided to release their brand new album Rock’n’Roll Machine on the same date. Not entirely coincidental according to riff master and founder Rune Rebellion…


You have decided to release the new album Rock’n’Roll Machine on the twentieth anniversary of the release of Apocalypse Dudes. A coincidence?

Rune Rebellion – Both Yes and No. We did not plan it that way, but when we realized that there was going to be a new album it was cool to kind of steer it in that direction.

Since the release of Sexual Harassment in 2012 Turbonegro have released a couple of singles in the shape of “Hot For Nietzche” and “Special Education”. Both songs are a step away from what they did on Sexual Harassment. Out with the simple, raw and dirty gone and in with the melody.
The boys have also released two singles from the upcoming album that are quite similar to the mentioned songs. So what can we expect form the new release?
RR – We have had a very different approach to recording the album than we had on Sexual Harassment. On that album, we just had a new vocalist and we had been on a long break from the band. When we started recording that album, we went into the famous studio, Electric Lady in New York and recorded the whole thing live on the spot. This time around, we were able to take our time and we have had a bigger budget to spend on the production too.


After Hank Von Helvete quit the band due to his ongoing drug addiction and the band had been on a long hiatus, the denim gang started rocking again in 2011. They had risen from the grave for a second time, not even Jesus managed that, and this time they had a new front man. Tony Sylvester from London was recruited to lead the band and his first album with the band turned out to be exactly what the band and the fans needed. It was a raw, hard rocking and kick-ass album – the perfect comeback. Since then the releases from Turbonegro has shown us a new side of both Tony Sylvester and the band itself.
RR – Tony was originally a hardcore vocalist and  mainly used to scream on stage, something Sexual Harassment was a proof of. Since then he has become a much better singer and that has contributed to the sound of the band changing. We have also recruited a new member since the last album in the keyboard player Haakon Marius Pettersen, so both those things has made a difference in the sound of the new album. Bringing in a new keyboard player has provided us with more options when we record songs.


You have released the two singles “Hot for Nietzsche” and “Special Education” since your last album Sexual Harassment; will they be on the new album?
RR – Those two songs will be on the album yes, but as new recordings. We had to change them a bit to make them fit in with the concept of the album. In the traditional Turbonegro-way of doing albums, we came up with the concept after the album was finished. The methodic we use is to record first and then find some sort of theme for the album, ha-ha.

Before the release of Apocalypse Dudes in 1998, an album that would change the lives for all the members of the band, they had released three albums. The best one being Ass Cobra from 1996, but without making any real impact on the rock world. However, they had built up a huge underground following of fanatical fans, called simply the Turbojugend. After the first comeback in 2002, Turbonegro released three hugely successful albums that made their popularity explode before going on hiatus again in 2010. The years between the new album and Sexual Harassment is the longest space the band has had between two albums, so why has it taken you so long to record a new album?
RR  – It is a few different reasons for that. The first being that we have all more or less grown up and we have families and jobs now, so the band has gone back to being a hobby again. That simple reason makes things take more time. The music scene has changed as well and so we have considered just releasing singles from now on. However, the band is working so well at the moment so we just said fuck it and decided to make a full album. We have gone full throttle making an album that is supposed to be listened to as a whole. We have even arranged it so that the first three songs are linked together as a suite – unpretentiously, ha-ha. The suite is supposed to be as a tongue in cheek statement in the artificial intelligence debate, as well as dealing with the difficult position rock and roll finds itself in today, where it is getting old and weary. Much like ourselves and then during the three-song suite we transform into a rock and roll machine that can part all night without getting tired.


Finally I have to ask you the question I know many of your fans out there are thinking about from time to time; you are not packing it in quite yet, are you?
RR – Well, we have a new album coming soon, so no it is quite the opposite actually. We are not packing it in any time soon anyways. As long as we all enjoy it and find it worth while doing, we will continue the band!

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Huge thanks to our guest writer Glenn Knudsen for handling this for us!  NORWAY ROCKS!!!

TURBONEGRO play Download Festival in the UK , June 2018.


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