The Winter Passing – ‘Double Exposure’

With ‘Double Exposure’ The Winter Passing have released a deeply personal and creative EP that is another step forward both musically and lyrically. Across the six songs they tackle issues of anxiety and mental health in a way that is brave and honest, but approachable.

‘Paper Rabbit’ is a strong start as the melodic and slightly scruffy guitars give the song an anthemic punk feel. The interplay between the vocals of brother and sister Rob and Kate Flynn work well and gives The Winter Passing a unique dynamic and closeness that many other bands lack.

‘Double Exposure’ continues to go from strength to strength as each song sees another layer of ideas gel with those already explored, and The Winter Passing further showcase their growing musical ability with the strong and confident ‘Significance’. ‘Like Flowers Ache For Spring’ is passionate and relatable, and being the one that stands out most from the others, it’s likely to leave a lasting impression.

‘Es.Cap.Ism’ does away with the unpolished punk of the rest of the EP and instead pairs Kate Flynn’s captivating vocals with a background of soft keys. The other songs are by no means overbearing in their style, but the feeling of total separation from the other tracks really gives ‘Es.Cap.Ism’ a sense of calm and clarity that ensures it will stay with you for a long time after listening.

The production of J. Robbins perfectly captures the rawness and emotion and it doesn’t dull at all with repeated listens. Listening to ‘Double Exposure’ it feels as if you’re hearing what your friends are going through, rather than simply experiencing something created by strangers. It’s not an easy listen at times, but it is always a rewarding and hopeful one.


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