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The Anti Nowhere League, homophobia and the bands and promoters who support it

This has been mentioned by many before, about the song “The Day The World Turned Gay” by Anti nowhere league, apparently the lyrics are a conversation Animal heard, a load of bollocks I think but keeping that in mind, what about If the Lyrics were a racist conversation he heard, instead of homophobic and Transphobic one? how would people feel then? I don’t see many people kicking off now about “the league” they’re still playing punk festivals etc.

Here are some of the disgusting lyrics from “the day the world turned gay”

“now we’ve got puffs,queers,faggots, dykes and lady boys and fuckin transvestites! the day the world turned gay, everythings acceptable today, the day the world turned gay, well i must of missed something along the way.. gay pride are marching out there on the town , there holding hands with there trousers down ,there sniffing each others arses just like dogs.there being dirty and hanging around in bogs,. chorus.. homophobia you say to me, am i alone in a sick society,well there wont be a generation here to come.coz were a dead generation were a dead man leading on.. chorus.”

Now it disgusts me a band with lyrics like this are been accepted in the punk scene they shouldn’t be accepted in any scene but what about if it was racism Animal was spreading instead of homophobia ?

Even if it is a conversation he heard, he is still spreading hate, i don’t write songs using racist conversations I’ve heard, That would be racist, so Would people still support them then ?

What’s the difference between him singing “now we’ve got puffs, queers and dykes etc. ” to him singing something awful like “now we’ve got muslims, pakis and Africans etc. ”

Homophobia and Transphobia is still as bad as racism, it’s all disgusting bigotry, to me it’s just as bad as if it was racist lyrics he was singing, what’s the difference? I suppose homophobia and transphobia is acceptable in the punk scene, thought punk was about equality? silly me. This band shouldn’t be accepted spreading hate and bigotry it’s disgusting and still people support them, “they’re just having a laugh”, but there is nothing funny about hate and bigotry.

If you are a band playing with Anti-Nowhere League, a venue or promoter putting them on, you are supporting homophobia / transphobia. Its 2015 not the 1950s, let’s retire these out of touch bigots and their horrible views to the trash of history where they belong.

– Rebel GRRRL

1 thought on “The Anti Nowhere League, homophobia and the bands and promoters who support it

  1. All of ANL’s protestations that this isn’t them making a homophobic statement are so painfully, transparently
    a load of fucking bollox

    Anti Nowhere may also come out with some old shite about
    ‘if you are so easily offended maybe punk isn’t for you’ which is equally bollocks
    seeing So What altered the lyrics of there biggest song ‘So What’
    and good job to, after the revelations of Garry Glitter & Savile
    “I even fucked a school girl’s twat’ isn’t comfortable listening
    even for hardcore punk.
    The point is that the is no reference in the song to the sentiment
    of the protagonist being abhorrent and his view vile.
    The word homophobia is used but only in the mocking, ignorant and plain incorrect and you would expect an alteration to include so.
    Brass tack now the real reason for this song?
    Well Anti Nowhere League aren’t the only punks
    to play both sides of the nazi/anti fascist punk
    De la
    make a song about racism, sexism, homophobia or any ugly hate
    then present it in a ‘ironic’ way so the lefties jeer & the fash cheer
    and both buy the record.

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