PNX News UK reporters Brit Lymon & Shell Lemon bring forth another Birmingham scene episode featuring SICK OF IT ALL , DSA . OI POLLOI , GIBBY & GBH guitar player JOCK BLYTH talking PUNK FOR PAM . Also local promotor ADAM WARD adds to the episode & Brit Lymon not only sings with OI POLLOI , but he takes on Daleks in the Tardis..... he kids you not !!


Brit Lymon hits the trail & heads for Birmingham UK annual PUNKPALOOZA on Saturday July 30th 2016. Featured in this episode are interviews with Colleen Caffeine , Dek Drongo along with live performances by DRONGOS FOR EUROPE , ABRASIVE WHEELS , CHOKING SUSAN & REVOLT-CHIX. Also thrown in for good measure is GBH bass player ROSS LOMAS performing a wedding at Rebellion 2016 !!


Punx UK


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