Drongos For europe underdogs

Brand News Video!! From the Birmingham, England Punk Band (Drongos Fro Europe) From Their Album “Who’s Got The Power?” Featuring The Birmingham Blitz Derby Girls Filmed at Blotto Studios, Songbird Video, Directed and Written By Dek Drongo Edited and filmed by Songbird Videos, Special Thanks to Birmingham Ink source

G B h pnx news punks news talk about their new album momentum 2017 2

G.B.H. with “PNX NEWS” (Punks News) Talks about their new album “Momentum” 2017. Jock Blyth and Scott Preece getting tattooed at Tokyo Hiro’s private studio. Hiro is the designer of the new Momentum Album cover and tattooist to the stars. “G.B.H. Momentum” album out 11-17-17, pre-order at www.gbhuk.com. Scenes from “Its Not Dead” Fest 2017 […]