Kenny Hanna( PNX NEWS )AKA Kenny DeSilva (Decline of Western Civilization) covers Japanese Punk Festival (Kappunk 2017) with Special Shout outs to Drongos for Europe, Keith Morris and OFF! Rick Agnew and more!


Published on Dec 23, 2016

Vice Squad meets with PNX News at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool England 2016. Check out new Christmas album by Vice Squad and Vice Squad asks you to get involved and be kind to animals! Mercy For Animals


The Buzzcocks meet with "PNX News" Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley is interviewed By Jade Paris (Phoenix) of PNX News! Punk Rock Comedy News!! They talk about The Buzzcocks and Steve Diggle's new album with a vacume cleaner! Hosts Karl C. Boyer, (Casey Royer D.I.) and Roberta Bird (Birdy Songbird Videos)


Punx UK


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