GBH Tokyo, Japan 2019 (Antiknock) PNX News

GBH Japan 2019 (Antiknock) PNX News reporters Kenny Decline and Nigel Punik bring you the news in the middle of a Typhoon called GBH! They blew the roof off the house!! In Tokyo Japan. Watch and enjoy! source

Pnx News punks news sick of it all jock blyth gbh oi polloi dsa daleks 2

PNX News UK reporters Brit Lymon & Shell Lemon bring forth another Birmingham scene episode featuring SICK OF IT ALL , DSA . OI POLLOI , GIBBY & GBH guitar player JOCK BLYTH talking PUNK FOR PAM . Also local promotor ADAM WARD adds to the episode & Brit Lymon not only sings with OI […]

Pnx News punks news episode 8 gbh 2

PNX NEWS With Karl C. Boyer (Casey Royer of D.I.) Comedy Punk Rock News Show. Interview with G.B.H. 2014. With Roberta Bird and Misty Lou Freebush source