System of Hate Interview

Could you give a brief history of System of Hate and a discography?

System was set up as a side project to Total Confusion, the main reason being 2 members made their living playing music on a weekend, so gigs & rehearsals were getting harder to commit to. Out of sheer boredom System of Hate became the main priority and songs came thick and fast. Once Carl joined on Drums the project became a band and 7 songs were recorded in March of 2012, with the first gig taking place in January of the following year. We have recorded one 4 track E.P. “The Immortal E.P.” The “Insanity E.P.” will be out very soon, another 4 tracker. We start our debut Album, this year.

How would you describe your sound?

Dark Punk.

Who makes up the band and what do they do?

Suty – Vocals, Paddy – Bass, Pat – Guitar, Carl – Drums & Martin – Keyboards.

What other bands have you all played in before and do any of you play in other bands?

Total Confusion (Suty, Paddy & Pat), The X Rippers (Pat) & Carl has played all over Europe in cover bands. Martin is also a member of The Danse Society.

What’s in the pipeline for System of Hate?

We are set to release our second E.P. “Insanity E.P” imminently, just waiting on the final mix and possibly looking at someone putting it out. We will be making a start on a full length album in the next few months. We continue to look for good gigs, with great bands and run our own nights in Barnsley, under the banner of Barnsley Punk Promotions.

What gigs have you got coming up?

We have a gig at the World famous “100 Club” in London in April and a return visit to the largest Punk Festival in the World, REBELLION at Winter Gardens, Blackpool, in August, so we are extremely happy. We also have supports with 999, The Lurkers, Discharge, Angelic Upstarts and Crashed-Out, we hope to pick a few more up before the year is out. We also have stuff in Barnsley to organise.

What’s been the best and worst moment of System of Hate’s existence?

We didn’t start gigging until 2013, so It’s all been brilliant , what we’ve achieved in one year of gigging is absolutely amazing, the gigs we’ve picked up, the friends we’ve met, Rebellion was a big one, playing with the Angelic Upstarts twice and the Subs of course. No worst moments, we don’t look at the negative, we do what we can and get on with it.

What is there in punk to get excited about today and how healthy do you think the scene is at present?

We joke that there’s 67 genres of Punk, I don’t know how many there really is? That’s what really excites me, Punk these days can be any style, any sound, as long as it spits and bites and has the D.I.Y. feel of Punk, it’s Punk. I think it’s very healthy, you think of any other genre of music which has gigs all over the UK, almost every weekend, and the people are still so loyal to the old bands, so there are always great opportunities to play with the ‘old guard’, to a full room.

What’s the best thing about being in System of Hate and what’s the worse?

Playing in a band and you know it’s good, you trust every member to do their thing and you know they won’t let you down. I also really get a buzz from rehearsals, you can come up with a riff, start playing it, everyone in the room joins in and from time to time you have a brilliant song, it still amazes me. I know it said “thing” but got to mention playing live, it’s all about playing LIVE. Worse thing is not seeing other bands play because you are busy playing yourself.

What would you say that System of Hate bring to the table that differs from any other punk band?

I think we have different ideas, a different sound, we have a keyboard player for a start, you don’t see too many and the bass player is filling spaces normally filled by one of 2 guitarists. We just decided we needed to do something different or there would be no point starting a new band.

How would you sum up System of Hate in 5 words?

Hard Dark Street Goth Punk.

Where you like to be with System of Hate in 10 years?

Still playing and more importantly writing and recording something that is still relevant. And of course watching Charlie Harper jump up and down and say, “He’s 80 years old you know!”

What bands should we keep an eye out for?

I’d say check out the New Band Stage at Rebellion Festival. But all the gigs we play, all the support bands are good and the members can really play, I’d say don’t just go watch the big bands, turn up early and watch some of the support bands, you might get a very pleasant surprise.

If you were to explain punk to someone who had never heard the word before, what would you say?

Punk is :- attitude, free thinking, acceptance, friendship, noise, pleasure, pain, life, death.

Any final comments?

To book us – email – you can find more information at :-