STP will be giving folks (UK ONLY AND 1 PER PERSON) the chance to own some of their fantastic releases as an Xmas Gift gesture at the price of a mere £1.....all you have to do is go online to on the following dates for the following,all at just a festive £ will see the 12 days of Xmas page on the website soon.......

Times these offers will be posted on the website will vary daily so keep checking........

Dec 14th - 12 Mardi Gras Bombers Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 15th - 11 One Man Stand Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 16th - 10 Piss Ant Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 17th - 9 Wasted Life Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 18th - 8 Dragster Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 19th - 7 Rust Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 20th - 6 Kingcrows Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 21st - 5 Choking Susan Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 22nd - 4 Four Past Midnight Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 23rd - 3 Healthy Junkies Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 24th - 2 In Evil Hour Cd's at £1.00.
Dec 25th - ALL 3 DIRT BOX DISCO RELEASES at £1.00

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