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The miracle of Zeke occurs all over the world and has for the past twenty-six years. Often compared to Motorhead, these eternal players have launched themselves into the historical digits of Metal / Rock / Punk / Grunge / and Skull Crushing Thrash. Full-throttle-high-octane Rock ‘n’ Roll. Let the nitrous drip baby because it’s time to go All The Way with Zeke.

This neck-stretching seven-inch vinyl is filled with five blistering tracks produced by the legendary Jack Endino. (Nirvana/Sound Garden/Hole/Supersuckers.) Jack captured the essence of their live show, which has been described as a train wreck of energy.  “Action baby, Action, complete Zeke rock ‘n’ roll satisfaction.” A blend of music that crosses all the different genres forcing them into a head on collision and amplifying the delight of it for all. It’s not ‘All For One and One For All’ It’s ‘All The Way’ and the expectations are that you will crank it up every day.

“Zeke have always been kick-ass musicians that fuse hot-rod rock’n’roll with defiant punk!l" - New Noise
“Bashing and bashing again and again works a lot better than misguided ambition!” -Pitchfork
“Zeke is back and they haven’t changed a thing!” -Punk Rock Theory
“They still have all the energy and attitude that made them so popular.” -Unholy Dark Lotus
“Zeke take a noticeably blue-collar approach to songwriting by stripping things down to just the essentials.” -Metal Nexus

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