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Zach Quinn is best known as the frenetic singer and mad genius behind upstart punk band PEARS, but Zach carves a new path with the release of his first solo album. For his latest endeavor Zach teamed up with Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) at One Week Records and the two delved into the process of breathing life into Zach’s solo material. As Zach explains, “This was the most fun I’ve had making a record. I showed up with a bunch of stuff that was unfinished, and we fleshed it out in the studio. It was like going to songwriting summer camp. The One Week concept only works because Joey has such good taste and clear vision, and there’s nothing more exciting for me than working with someone from whom there is so much to learn. I’m super proud of this one.” The output exists on a parallel plain to PEARS’ songs with every bit of the same creativity, intensity, and rule-breaking, but it’s delivered through a more soothing and contemplative vessel. Zach’s One Week Record displays a range and execution that few songwriters possess.

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