Yogi Lang No Decoder CD

Yogi Lang No Decoder CD


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Just in time for the band’s tenth anniversary, RPWL frontman Yogi Lang contributes the final mosaic piece for RPWL’s unmistakable sound.

The powerful singer-songwriter's record is set for release in November 2010 and features a top-class recording lineup (e.


PINK FLOYD’s Guy Pratt).

After guitarist Kalle Wallner’s metal-flavored solo records (BLIND EGO) and the progressive “PARZIVAL’S EYE” by bassist Chris Postl, Yogi Lang’s solo debut is set for release and gives us the third and final piece that completes RPWL’s mixture.

Singer, keyboarder and producer Yogi Lang has summoned prominent supporters for his album: Manni Muller on drums (Ex-RPWL, CLAUDIA KORECK), Torsten Weber on guitar (DOORS OF PERCEPTION) and distinguished bass luminary Guy Pratt (PINK FLOYD) underline and emphasize the singer’s expressive lyrics in their very own exceptional way.

Special appearances by violinist Anne de Wolff (ROSENSTOLZ among others) and Dominique Leonetti, singer for French progressive band LAZULI, add another artistic layer of color to the record.

"NO DECODER deals with the inability to project one’s thoughts and feelings on another person and consequently with the failed simple attempt to be understood," says Yogi Lang and immediately emphasizes the significant importance of his songs’ lyrics.


Track Listing

1. Can’t Reach You2. Sacrifice3. Our World Has Changed4. Sail Away5. Our Modern World6. No Decoder7. Alison8. A Million Miles Away9. Say Goodbye10. Sensvalue11. A Better Place For Me

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