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Featuring members of Pennywise and 1208, WRATHS are Steve McCall (Guitars), Chris Kranes (Bass) and Jim Lindberg (Vocals). This EP follow up to their full length debut continues to bring the sonic storm that simultaneously looks back to the storied tradition of South Bay hardcore bands with a nod towards the apprehensive future. In addition to "My Home," there's the beast that is "Trusted You," a pointed blast of rage at abusive priests that are allowed to get away with torture. Recording again with Pat Burkholder at Screaming Leopard studios in Hermosa Beach, songs like "My Farewell" hint at Mike Roche of TSOL's menacing swirling guitar work with a chorus that sticks in your head like a long pull off a whiskey bottle. WRATHS are bent on contributing to the long legacy South Bay bred hard, uncompromising music fury, and this four song 12 inch continues the story and shows they are just getting started.

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