waterweed Diffuse (trans Purple And Green Galaxy Effect Vinyl) 12" Vinyl


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Formed in Osaka 2003, WATERWEED have been at the forefront of the Japanese post-hardcore and screamo movement since the beginning of the scene supporting bands such as Between The Buried And Me, SHAI HULUD, TRASH TALK, THE CHARIOT. The band have since released 3 albums & 2 EPs.

They have toured all over Japan and the far east, and at notable festivals in the territory such as ROCK-O-RAMA, the event where old and new, underground and mainstream bands get together. ROCK-O-RAMA was the spark of movements and events such as MANPOWER, the event WATERWEED has held with bacho, FIVE NO RISK and PALM.
They performed on SHADOWS’ debut album as support members. SHADOWS was formed by the ex-members of FACT, the host of ROCK-O-RAMA.

In 2018, WATERWEED where invited to the UK for the first time to play Manchester Punk Festival and re-releasing the critically acclaimed album Brightest via Lockjaw Records for a new European fan base. Following the release, the band continued from Manchester to tour all over Europe.

The bands third full length album “Diffuse” was released in Japan April 24, 2019 on CD format and in December 2020 Lockjaw records will release Diffuse on vinyl for the first time.

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