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Crawling from the gutters of Perth, Western Australia in 2014, UNRAVEL exhume the brutally-primal sledge hammer of Old School Death Metal, and ravage it with the violent, political consciousness of Grindcore and Hardcore Punk to sonically smack the heck out of punters in their path. The bands debut full-length “Eras of Forfeit” is 11 tracks of hardcore/grind influenced Death Metal with socio-political commentary considering the higher costs of everything that humanity takes for granted and takes advantage of in this world. It asks the questions, 'who and what suffers for your entitlement and empowerment? In essence, "Eras of Forfeit" is an exercise in intellectual blunt-force trauma; it’s a record that deals exclusively in weaponized philosophy, life-threatening lectures and screaming screeds. Whether the more discerning listener can parse the lyrical content and meaning behind each track and growled verse, will ultimately come down to the upper threshold of their own patience and enthusiasm for this record. However, taken purely at face value, Unravel have certainly delivered one hell of a statement here with their debut album: it’s angry, it’s dirty and it’s ready to fuck your skull to school and back again!

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