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Topper is a band from Stockholm, Sweden and was formed 2000. The band members have all played in different bands since the early 80's. In 2000 Topper released the single “Once A Punk, Always A Punk” that instantly became a No.1 radio hit in Sweden followed by their first album released 2005 with the same title. 2010 Topper released their 2nd album “Punk Don’t Death – Just Get Through It” and 2015 the 3rd album “Get In The Line” was released. The release was followed by a Germany Tour during the fall of 2015. Topper has over the years played with bands as Buzzcocks, The Boys, UK Subs, The Outcast and The Adicts

During the fall/winter 2018 Topper will be on tour in Germany to hype up the release of the 4th album “Are We All Damned?”

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