The Wild Still Believe In Rock And Roll Vinyl LP


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A road paved by fast times and loose morals on the pursuit of personal freedom gave THE WILD! their sound. While always remaining true to their name, it’s their never-say-die attitude that’s proven them to be one of the strongest up and coming rock bands on the market today. STILL BELIEVE IN ROCK AND ROLL, the band’s thunderous new record, is a raucous collection of rock anthems. It’s the band’s third collaboration with Juno-Award winning producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen). It’s a diverse offering that’s somehow both heavier and more melodic than before. Songs like “Playing with Fire” and “King Of This Town” cement a unique signature identity for The Wild!, unapologetically merging blues-based rock, punk and elements of country into one dirty little package.

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