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THE WALL emerged from the local music scene in Sunderland in early 1978 in the frenzy of the first wave of punk. Their debut single 'New Way' (B-side 'Uniforms' and 'Suckers') on legendary indie label Small Wonder was discovered and championed by John Peel, leading to early indie success.  Follow up single 'Kiss The Mirror'/ 'Exchange' was the first production project for Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook. The band continued to build their punk pedigree with the release of one of their best known singles 'Ghetto', produced by Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69.  Often described as ‘intelligent punk’, THE WALL defied many boundaries of the genre, producing a catalogue of incisive, individual recordings confronting political and personal issues which remain as relevant today.  Check out the number of Facebook comments classing THE WALL as one of the most underrated bands of their era!  Inactive since 1982, THE WALL emerged from deep hibernation in summer 2016 to play at major punk festival Rebellion in Blackpool, as part of the punk 40th anniversary celebrations.  Original members Andy Griffiths, Andy Forbes and Al Gregg recruited new female bass-player Day Raven and drumming powerhouse Mark Gibson (ex-LostAlone) to form a tight powerful unit, breathing new life and energy into THE WALL’s trademark squall of distorted guitars and driving rhythms.  To mark their return to rude health, THE WALL are releasing two brand new tracks on limited edition 12” vinyl only. The hallmark sound and energy of the band matured by long absence and experience into two towering post-punk anthems, capturing the essence of punk’s clamour to question every assumption – do you shuffle on this mortal coil as you dance yourself to death; or are you The Antagonist?

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