The Shrine Bless Off CD

The Shrine Bless Off CD


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So-Cal shit-kickers THE SHRINE return with their new album BLESS OFF, a blazing hell ride featuring 11 rip-roarin' party rock anthems guaranteed to destroy your ears! Undoubtedly one of America's hottest underground bands, THE SHRINE plays loud, heavy rock 'n' roll fueled by cheap beer and bad acid that combines the hook-laden appeal of '70s garage rock and gritty '80s hardcore with a skate punk energy and attitude resulting in a sound the trio describes as "psychedelic violence.

" Recorded on reel-to-reel tape using vintage gear and colossal Marshall stacks, BLESS OFF is a record that attacks with buzzing riffs, blazing hooks and a bruising, mega-amplified punch.

This is gnarly, raunchy and quintessential riff rock channeling hazy hesher glories! Can you handle it?! .

Track Listing

1. Destroyers  2. Worship  3. Tripping Corpse  4. The Duke  5. Nothing Forever  6. Bless Off  7. On The Grind  8. No Penalty  9. Spit In My Life  10. Napalm  11. Hellride 
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