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Named after one of Montreal, Canada’s seedier rues, these guys have in fact hit the streets! With two full lengths, an EP and two split 7”s under their collective beret, the band set out to record their third full length late in 2005. Dancing For Decadence and it’s twelve anthemic tracks find the band in full stride. Unique in many ways, THE SAINTE CATHERINES are also a six piece, and no, they don’t have a tambourine player, or a Moog operator, instead they craft their hard hitting punk rock with three guitars! Lead singer, Hugo lays out gruffly melodic vocals, backed up by even more growl-laden vox from the band’s guitarists. If you need a “sounds like” look to Hot Water Music, and Leatherface. Lyrically, they mix socially conscious politics, with reflections of a band on the edge of poverty, beers in hand.

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