The Real McKenzies Shine Not Burn CD

The Real McKenzies Shine Not Burn CD


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THE REAL McKENZIES have carved out a role as modern minstrels through a relentless commitment to playing live music over the past 18 years.

Fueled by an insatiable longing to entertain, the band is truly at home in front of an audience regardless of the size or venue.

Whether playing monumental rock clubs or a busy neighborhood street corner, electric or acoustic instruments, THE McKENZIES immediately captivate any crowd through their jovial and heartfelt style.

Guitars and bagpipes play off each other as Paul McKenzie spins yarns of times long past and regales with tales of endless drunken revelries.

Shine Not Burn (the motto of the McKenzie Clan) is the first release that captures and delivers the essence of a REAL McKENZIES live performance.

Recorded in August 2009 at Wild at Heart in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Shine Not Burn utilizes acoustic instrumentation to add an intimate aspect that has not been heard on any previous McKENZIES releases.

Exploiting the incredible talents of the band’s roster (including former members of the legendary bands Descendents, Good Riddance, and DOA), while adding a second set of bagpipes to the mix, the music on Shine Not Burn is the perfect complement to Paul’s trademark banter and passionate singing.

For the listener it brings to life the experience of a REAL McKENZIES show without actually being there.

Track Listing

1. Nessie2. Drink the Way I Do3. 10,000 Shots4. Pickled5. Auld Mrs. Hunt6. Bastards7. My Bonnie8. Chip9. Scots Wha' Ha'e10. Droppin' Like Flies11. Pour Decisions12. The Skeleton and the Tailor13. Best Day Until Tomorrow14. Bitch Off the Money15. Get Lost16. Wild Mountain Thyme17. Whisky Scotch Whisky18. Sawney Beane Clan19. Kings o' Glasgow20. Taylor Made II21. Bugger Off
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