The Real McKenzies Float Me Boat Vinyl Double Album

The Real McKenzies Float Me Boat Vinyl Double Album


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Founded in 1992 by the larger than life, Scottish punk-rock poet laureate, Mr.

Paul McKenzie, this merry band of miscreants has spent a quarter-century circumnavigating the globe to bring the McKenzies gospel to an ever-expanding throng of rebels and scallywags.

There aren’t many bands that can boast of a threedecade long year career as staggeringly adventurous, wildly tempestuous, and utterly death-defying as The Real McKenzies.

Their list of accolades is long.

From sharing the stage with the likes of Rancid, Metallica, and Shane McGowan to appearing in film, books, and video games.

Float Me Boat is the ultimate collection of kilt-twisting classics from The Real Mckenzies; comprised of 23 rousing refrains that perfectly encapsulate their 30 years as a band.

From charttopping staples like “Chip,” “The Tempest,” and “Drink Some More,” to more recent favorites “Big Foot Steps” and “Due West,” The Real McKenzies have compiled an anthology as legendary as Robert Burns himself.

Whether you're a McKenzie lifer or new to the game, these anthemic songs are sure to have you stomping your feet and hoisting a glass.

Track Listing

1. Chip2. Get Lost3. Smokin’ Bowl4. The Lads Who Fought & Won5. ‘Cross the Ocean6. The Maple Trees Remember7. Droppin’ Like Flies8. Best Day Until Tomorrow9. Ye Banks and Braes10. Scots Wha Ha’e11. Pour Decisions12. Burnout13. Spinning Wheels14. Nessi
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