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London. The dawn of the new Millenium. The Britpop party is over and the UK music scene is suffering from a severe hangover. The promise that "Things Can Only Get Better" now seems like a distant dream. Then, as if from nowhere, The Parkinsons burst onto the scene and give the music business a shot in the arm and a kick up the arse!  Contributing new stamina to punk rock's late-'90s revival, the Portuguese squad the Parkinsons eventually became the sweeties of most of the British press -- a press that did
not hesitate to name the band as one of the "next big thing" However, and before all the hype,the band's roots started to develop in the beginning of the '90s, when guitarist Victor Torpedo and bassist Pedro Chau managed to secure a record deal with U.S.-based Elevator Music for their band, the Tedio Boys. After recording one album for the label and playing several tours across the States, the crew decided to relocate to London to search for the ultimate punk inspiration alongside singer Afonso Pinto. In London, the
group were then joined by Scottish drummer Chris Low, formerly of the Apostles. It was not long before the Portuguese/Scottish band became better known for their raving and delirious live performances, propelling them to the music media's front pages. In 2002, the group recorded their first record, the EP A Long Way to Nowhere released trough the Fierce Panda record label, which invited exciting reviews from the media, and even more exposure within the Brit alternative music scene. In August of that same year, the Parkinsons offered yet another recording: the single Streets of London.

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