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The New Low Fall Empire CD

Take the best from the hardcore scene and mix it with heavy and uncompromising metal and from the center of the state we call Denmark, this band is ready to face the rest of the world.
The band formely known as Foot To Face, arose from the ashes of an Odense-based hardcore act back in 2007. The first demo, which also brought the bands first music video, quickly drew much attention to the band, and soon the band was contacted by Danish hardcore label Schizophrenic Inc., who wanted to release a split CD with Fredericiabased When Midnight Kills. The six songs off the split CD was recorded in Smart n’ Hard Studio in cooperation with famed Danish producer Jacob Bredahl. The album, which was released in the summer of 2008, was well received by critics and the band had created a name for themselves in the Danish underground hardcore scene. After the release of the split CD, the band started working on new songs for a full-length album. The musical style now much more experimental and varied. The band once again joined Mr. Bredahl in the Smart n’ Hard Studio and the band’s new, more heavy sound was beginning to take form. The result of their hard work is the album “Fall Empire”. An album where the band is embracing everything from death metal, sludge and thrash metal, but always with the hardcore approach and mentality. After the album was complete the band was contacted by Mighty Music, who saw a lot of potential in this, still young band, and were ready to sign them onto the label. To mark the musical development the band had gone through, they changed their name to THE NEW LOW. The theme of the debut album is the Fall of an Empire, and how such a situation creates chaos and war amongst people. How power is so often abused. The band questions this tendency on the album. This is very much reflected in the destructive sound, and not least the artwork, which is created by the bands own bass player, Nicolei. With a mix of fast, tight-as-hell songs and evil, hard rocking riffs, the band crosses the savagery of the hardcore scene with the true Scandinavian metal sound. The desperation of hardcore heroes Shai Hulud mixed with the heavy rocking sound of death known from Entombed, stir in some old school thrash-influence and riffs so heavy that you almost drown in the sound. And there you have it: THE NEW LOW! With a beast of a drummer breaking numerous sets of drum sticks per show and a string section and lead singer who knows how to put on a show, playing tight and with a great sense for pleasing the crowd. This is a live band with an energy and heart rarely seen in the Danish metal and hardcore scene. This is hardcore. This is destruction. This is THE NEW LOW. Truly a new force to be reckoned with!

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