The National Anthems National Anthems CD

The National Anthems National Anthems CD


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Since last time the band has turned into a quintet which without doubt has brought an improved group dynamics as well as increased productivity and evolved song writing.

In comparison with the previous album “Paradoxical”, the songs on the self titled third album are given more focus and direction.

However without losing the grand arrangements that has turned out to be the sign of The National Anthems.

With a new album and hundreds of gigs in the trunk, The National Anthems are now ready to take one step further and be the band you didn’t know you were missing in today’s pop music.

Track Listing

1.Intro 2.Halfway home 3.Lost within her 4.Cash me in 5. A D E 6. Running out of time 7. New York 8. Chemical solutions 9. Magnolia 10. You make me beautiful 11. Last goodbye
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