The Masonics Royal And Ancient CD

The Masonics Royal And Ancient CD


Anyone who has even a passing interest in garage and beat music of the last 25 years will have come across the names of Thee Headcoats, The Milkshakes, The Clique, The Delmonas, The Kaisers or The Wildebeests. The three members of the devilishly stylish Masonics all spent time in at least one of those legendary bands and in more recent years came together to form a veritable super group of the British rock ’n’roll scene. Combining their previous bands’ sixties beat, US garage and instrumental stylings with a punk rock attitude, this is a group that pays attention to detail, with a talent for songwriting coming to the fore. Micky Hampshire (guitar/vocals) possesses a merciless instinct for touching, simple, timeless rock ’n’roll melodies and lyrics. The band performs with verve and precision, on record and on stage, always giving their followers their money’s worth. Bruce Brand pounds the traps like it could save your life – and sometimes I believe it very well could! John Gibbs twangs the bass strings with a gut instinct, taking you into a groove with grit and gumption. Six albums down the line ( “Royal and Ancient” being their seventh) The Masonics remain more hard-hitting and vital than any group of teenage hopefuls on the scene – of that there’s no doubt.

Track Listing

TRACK LIST1. Don’t Talk To Me 2. You’d Better Start Lookin’ 3. Chicken Bomb (Instr.) 4. I Really Don’t Care 5. The Way That It Is 6. Shig-Shag (Instr.) 7. Who’s Been Taking My Place? 8. Baby Move Closer To Me 9. Call Me Deceiver 10. Truth Will Out 11. I’ll Learn To Forget 12. Don’t Look Down 13. You’re Just A Means To An End 14. March Of The Space Goblins (Instr.)
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