The Last Gang Noise Noise Noise Vinyl LP

The Last Gang Noise Noise Noise Vinyl LP


THE LAST GANG release their second full-length album - Noise Noise Noise!

THE LAST GANG hit the ground running with their Fat Wreck Chords debut 7" Sing for your Supper in December 2017. From the second that needle dropped, fans felt the infectious energy these LA punks have become known for. Now about to release their second full-length album, they show no signs of slowing down. It seems they are just getting started.
One listen to Noise Noise Noise, and you’ll discover a band who has not only pushed their musical boundaries in new and unexpected ways; but as a lyricist, Brenna Red has unlocked a new side of herself, spitting barbs both personal and political at whoever might listen.
Noise Noise Noise is nothing if not full of curveballs. The album opens with the “Guns of Brixton”-esque title track, the first of the album’s many forays into guitar upstrokes and elastic basslines. The next curveball comes in the very next track, “WFTW,” the rare punk song that’s four minutes long, and feeling a little bit like Searching For A Former Clarity-era Against Me!, with Red cramming as many syllables into her verses as humanly possible.
THE LAST GANG are at their absolute best on Noise Noise Noise, as they once again teamed up with Cameron Webb (Motorhead, NOFX, Alkaline Trio) to bring their fans every ounce of piss and vinegar they have been so eagerly awaiting.

For Fans of: Rancid, The Distillers, The Clash, The Interrupters, Joan Jett

Track Listing

1. Noise Noise Noise
3. Prosthetic Lost Cause
4. Shameless
5. Panic Dreaming
6. Gimme Action
7. New Skin
8. Paris Green
9. Intelligence Is a Plague
10. To the King
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