The Last Cry Goodbye CD

The Last Cry Goodbye CD


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The Last Cry release their eagerly anticipated third album titled “Goodbye”. 
It’s an album that, rather than say goodbye, sees the band say hello to their original guitarist Mark Birch the brother of singer Andrew.
Last year saw the band celebrate 30 years together, which culminated in two gigs in their hometown of Brighton. It was at these gigs the band reformed and performed as their longest serving line up from the 80’s. Playing together again with Mark worked so well that he agreed to rejoin the band , recently played live with the band when they supported Chameleons Vox.
The 10 track album was put together over the last year. With only a few live performances in that time to distract from the flow of recording, it made the process of recording a much more focused and pleasurable experience for the band.
As before The Last Cry have written and produced all their work, but the key to this album was the input from all quarters in the band, it really helped the flow and feel of the album come together. By adding Marks guitar sound/style to the line-up it gave the songs written/arranged by Andrew Birch, Chris Carey and Tim Green a totally new feel. Some of the songs had been released in single formats over the last 18 months, but again, by adding the extra guitar it took them to a new level. As with previous albums, lyrically the album is very personal and emotional to singer Andrew, “but it wouldn’t be a Last Cry album if it wasn’t“.
The band recently took the album out on the road playing a short European tour ending in a sell out gig in Leeds, and the new songs played live worked well with the older, more established songs from their previous albums. “Goodbye” sees the band move forward again, and is an album they are very proud of. So in the words of a Last Cry favourite “so where do we go, from here?”. Who knows, but if this album is anything to go by, wherever it is, it will be a good place to be


Track Listing

1. The Night That I Saw You2. This Future Has No Face3. Life of Lies4. Shine Out5. Simons Song6. Destroy7. Forever Numb8. Truth & Lies9. Perfumed Despair10. Goodbye
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