The Jons Walk Towards The People 7″ Vinyl


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This single is awesome! THE JONS are exploding all over the UK, stealing the show repeatedly over headliners—and now onto bigger and better venues, gigs and even festivals in the coming months. THE JONS were runners up in a massive UK-wide “Live And Unsigned” battle of the bands competition in June. Apparently they didn’t sway the judges, but they unquestioningly won over the 3000 people in attendance with their energy and swagger! Totally the crowd’s favorite (Noddy Holder from SLADE’s favorite too), they’re creating a major stir in London punk and pub rock scenes. To top it all off, the singer and guitarist (Tom McFaull and Jack Burgess) are the sons of the singer and bass player of COCK SPARRER (Colin McFaull and Steve Burgess). The energy and passion that these kids grew up around has played a role in their momentum, confidence, and aspirations as a band… not to mention the songs, which on their own still have you humming along hours later! Keep an eye out for much more from these cocky cockneys in the next few months!

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