The International Swingers The International Swingers (feat. Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, James Stevenson & Gary Twinn) CD


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The International Swingers is a rock and roll group of the most electric individuals (Clem Burke - Blondie, Glen Matlock - Sex Pistols, James Stevenson - Gen X and Gary Twinn -Twenty Flight Rockers) ever to share the same stage. Inductee members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and proprietors of rock and roll battle-field scars, The International Swingers are warriors of the punk/new wave/glam era who led onslaughts upon the pop charts with hit songs (despite being infamously banned from the radio). This 12 track album was recorded at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 in L.A. and mixed by Peter Walsh (Simple Minds, Pulp, Scott Walker).

Clem Burke - drummer. "The Swingers are a group of long time mates, no one answered an advert to be in this band."


Glen Matlock - bass. "The guys are the mustard."


James Stevenson - guitarist.  "Apparently according to journalist Mick Mercer I've been in 72% of all known bands.....but I only have one favourite band."


Gary Twinn - singer.   "For me being in The International Swingers is a lot like being in your first ever band. When you’re at school you hang out with your best mates and some-one says “I’ve got drums so you be the guitarist, and you be the bass player, and you’ve got no instrument so you’ll have to be the singer”. That’s what it was like with us because we were already mates and used to hang out together, then one day I asked the others if they wanted to start a band to go on holiday to Australia. Clem plays drums, James plays guitar and Glen plays bass, and I can sing a bit. Sorted. Only difference was I had guitar too."

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