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Over the course fo their 13 year journey as a band, The Flatliners have covered an impressive amount of ground, cutting their teeth on aggressive ska/punk and eventually arriving at their current sound of incredibly nuanced, passionate, and heavy punk rock.
The vehicle for this trek, and the one constant throughout, has been The Flatliners proficient songwriting.
ever short on killer riffs or innovative and unforgettable melodies, the guys have churned out an impressive amount of material over a relatively brief amount of time.
With Seven EPs and singles, and countless contributions to compilations to their credit, The FLatliners catalogue extends way beyond their four full length albums.
In fact its become so robust that the band recently decided to create a collection of all their loose ends.

Division of Spoils brings together b sides, rarities and unreleased songs that span the history of the band.
From a couple of hundred unearthed fledgling demos to some unreleased gems that were recorded during the Dead Language sessions, Division of Spoils serves as a retrospective of the Flatliners evolution.

Classifying the album as a b-sides collection is a bit of a misnomer, though. Division of Spoils is packed with treasures that will have you wondering how these hits were ever left out of the full lengths at all.


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