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In the deep dark forests of middle Sweden five men dwell in the darker musical domains and not even the famous Karlstad sun can bring light on their subject matter.

The quintet takes it’s influences from metal, goth, punk, rock and folk music.

The second album The Last Men Standing, is mixed and mastered in Leon Studios by Rikard Löfgren (Sparzanza, Deathstars, Mustasch, The Scams, etc.).

The first album, Decadance, was released in 2010 and the title itself indicates in general what it's still all about. The album got great reviews and was listed one of 2010's top albums by several critics.

The Dead And Living are also frequent live performers, they have done gigs with Deathstars and Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg among others, and played at festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival, Peace and Love, Putte i Parken and Arvikafestivalen. This year the passports will initially be stamped in France and Norway.


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