The Candy Snatchers Moronic Pleasures Vinyl LP

The Candy Snatchers Moronic Pleasures Vinyl LP


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The lost 2nd album for the first time on vinyl, featuring 19 tracks of the lost 2nd Candy Snatchers album.

Track Listing

A1. No Time To Waste A2. Color Me Blood Red A3. Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed A4. If You Can’t Have Fun, You Ain’t Fun A5. Burn It To The Ground A6. You Make It Hard A7. Hard Up A8. Hooligan A9. Real Thick Head A10. Gone For Good B1. Killin’ My Buzz B2. Run You Down B3. Fresh Rag B4. She Sure Can Blow B5. Such A Fool B6. Moronic Pleasures B7. Ass Casserole B8. Bum B9. You Want What
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