The Business The Truth The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth (re-issue) CD

The Business The Truth The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth (re-issue) CD


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This masterpiece written by Mickey Fitz (Who sadly passed away in 2016.



P), Steve Whale and Steve Kent saw the band bring back the sound of the streets into a bigger environment.

Crossing over  to the hardcore side in a bigger way than there peers.

A mutual love and respect between the hardcore scene and the british oi scene came into light.

Touring started and THE BUSINESS as godfathers for the whole streetpunk thing went on to tour around the world and brough scenes together.

Plus last but not least – showed promotors, agents, bands etc that the spirit of the street was not dead, but rather alive & breeding again.

  THE BUSINESS created momentum, took steps and broke ground that surely paved way for others to follow (todays 'youth' such as BROILERS, PERKELE, BOOZE & GLORY, LIONS LAW, BISHOPS GREEN and others).

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