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German punk rock / pschobilly act The Bloodstrings release their second studio album!
The Bloodstrings from Aachen, Germany are here to invent Punkabilly completely new. Their music is not to be categorised! The Bloodstring's music stands for energy, for pain, for sorrow and anger, but also for happiness and strength and the will to live for a passion. A pressuring upright bass, hard and technical guitar riffs, furious drums and the voice of Celina who is harder and nastier than before and not as lovely than before. With this music, The Bloodstrings like to trigger their audience: it's not Rockabilly, but it grooves, it's not Punk Rock but it is like furious thunder rolling over you. Every instrument has free space to develop especially on the the new album Born Sick. On stage, the young friends from a small city in Western Germany make an infernalic quartett. They are four friends, four even musicians living for the passion of music and travelling and for their fans which they have all over the world.

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