The Blackjacks Elvis Presley Posters Vinyl LP

The Blackjacks Elvis Presley Posters Vinyl LP


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Vee-Tone Records are delighted to release ‘Elvis Presley Posters’ the debut album from The Blackjacks, one of the most exciting new talents on the ‘roots’ music scene today.

If you’ve caught these young lads live, then you’ll know exactly why they’re causing such a stir.

In less than 2 years they have released a 4-track e.

p ‘One After 909’ and a follow up double ASide single, ‘Burn Your Playhouse Down’ / ‘Cool Grooves’.

Both releases having received fantastic reviews in the music press.

2020 is set to be even busier for the lads, with more studio recording sessions scheduled and live appearances at top festivals throughout Europe.

When recently asked to categorise their style, we honestly struggled to do so.

They are most certainly soaked in ‘roots’ music, but transcend multiple genres to create a fresh new sound that’s all their own.

They’re not pure rockabilly, they’re not pure skiffle, they’re not out and out country… quite simply they are The Blackjacks! Great musicianship, boss vocal harmonies and catchy infectious tunes abound! ‘Elvis Presley Posters’ features 14 brand new recordings, with a special guest appearance on 3 tracks from neo rockabilly legend, James G.

Creighton (ex Shakin’ Pyramids) laying down some mean guitar licks! James gifted the lads his own composition, ‘Jake The Snake’ our closing track.

The album flows from track to track seamlessly, we reckon our title track 'Elvis Presley Posters' is the best Elvis related track since the late great Kirsty MacColl's 'There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis'.

it's cleverly written, totally catchy and once in your head you just can't shake it!.

Track Listing

1. Draggin' The River (Vic McAlpine)2. Might Wake Up Melinda (Michael Wallbank)3. This Little Girl Of Mine (Ray Charles)4. Dead Or Alive (Woody Guthrie, Lonnie Donegan)5. Rain* (Charlie Feathers)6. Round The Corner (Michael Wallbank)7. Can't Hang Up The Phone (John D. Loudermilk)8. Me And Fred And Joe And Bill (Billy Jack Hale, Paul Gilley)9. Sick Sober And Sorry (Eddie Hazelwood, Shelby David Atchison)10. Elvis Presley Posters (Michael Wallbank)11. Down The Line (Bob Montgomery, Buddy Holly)12. Get That Girl Out Of Your Life (Michael Wallbank)13. What Goes On (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey)14. Jake The Snake (James G. Creighton)
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