The Amistad Kept Under By A Generation Of CD

The Amistad Kept Under By A Generation Of CD


The punk rock sounds of 90's Chicago as filtered through the towns and cities of South Yorkshire... The Amistad have been gigging up and down the UK for the past 2 years and already have two split 7”s under their belt (with Orphan Choir and Above Them). Kept Under by a Generation of Ghosts is their debut album and a belting little album it is too, coming across like Milloy covering The Lawrence Arms after a weekend of listening to Hooton 3 Car and Leatherface. And yes, The Amistad still manage to hold their own despite those lofty comparisons. 10 tracks span the gantlet from fiery, yet melodic, political punk rock to cynical acoustic folk, all the while maintaining the kind of biting satire associated with northern England’s finest bands.

Track Listing

1. People who live in Glasshoughton shouldn’t throw stones 2. Des Edge 3. No Hope, Radio! 4. The youth aren’t getting restless 5. Thorpe Hesley’s best dancers 6. An unobscured view of the sewerage works 7. So this is where the fun times end and the male pattern baldness sets in 8. Blemish free fruit 9. Shall I be mother? 10. Beer guilt schulze
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