Terminal Gods Wave / Form CD

Terminal Gods Wave / Form CD


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Terminal Gods personify the classic songwriting and production values of the golden age of British music.

Backed by a rack of drum-machine hardware and armed with an arsenal of frantically overdriven pop songs, the Terminal Gods stand in a smoke shrouded, musical no man’s land.

Finding themselves halfway between the raucous hard rock of the 70s, and the cold, uncompromising new wave / post punk beats of 80's.

They cite influences from New Order to David Bowie, from the big chorus rock of the Cult to the sardonic surf rock of The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Building on the success of their 5 vinyl single releases, this, their first Album will establish them as major contenders within the UK scene.


Track Listing

1. Shockwave2. Changing The Guard3. Monolith4. Movement5. Connection & Rupture6. Discovery7. Electric Eyes8. Cold Life9. Hey Day
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