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For thirty years, few bands have relished getting their hands dirty as much as SWINGIN’ UTTERS. In celebration of UTTERS’ three decades as a band, as well as their continued forward momentum, we’re proud to announce Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun, a 33-song best-of compilation that serves as a testament to UTTERS’ peerless punk rock attack.This double LP collects songs that represent the band’s history. There are live staples, fan favorites, and even a few tracks that never work their way into the band’s live show. Touching on every era of SWINGIN’ UTTERS—from 1992’s Scared—to their 1995 debut album The Streets of San Francisco, all the way up to 2014’s Fistful of Hollow—this collection is a testament to a band that never tried to fit into anyone else’s box. SWINGIN’ UTTERS’ passion for what they do has always been palpable, and it’s why the songs that comprise Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun are as crucial now as when the music was first released. For fans, it’s a celebration of one of the Bay Area’s longest standing creative forces. And for the uninitiated, it offers a cohesive rundown on a band that is impossible to sum up. Stay tuned for much more from one of FAT’s longest running bands, with new material on the way, and tons of touring planned throughout 2018!

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