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Chris McCaughan may be best known to most as the guitarist and singer of Chicago punk rock band, The Lawrence Arms, But over the past seven years, Chris has written, performed and made a name forhimself under the moniker, SUNDOWNER.
SUNDOWNER IS a stripped down and introspective outlet for his studiously constructed lyrics and melodies.
Their third full-length album and FAT WRECK debut: "Neon Fiction", clearly and confidently exhibits his evolution as a songwriter with ten new, emotive, and eloquent songs.

In contrast to both ‘country western’, and ‘classic, Springsteen fuelled Americana’, SUNDOWNER is more from the Leonard Cohen school of playing to melody and literacy.
This time around, SUNDOWNER has a full band sound, experimenting with dynamic arrangements and stylistic departures from previous records.

"Neon Fiction" is a fully formed testament to the arrival of SUNDOWNER as something bigger and more enduring than a side project.
To celebrate this evolution, Chris once again combined forces with multi-instrumentalist and fellow Lawrence Arm, Neil Hennessy, to create Sundowner’s lush new sound.
They entered Atlas Studios (Alkaline Trio, the Menzingers, Masked Intruder), and kicked out an album fueled by some of Chris’s most mindful and confident lyrics.

There’s an authentic, almost classic feeling to this album, calling on the traditions of indie rock and fused
with Chris’ metropolitan lyrical style. Nothing forced, just throat, strings, bass, drums and game changing songs. The
heartfelt tracks on Neon Fiction will blend seamlessly into a catalog of songs that consistently captivates live audiences
and has them singing along word for word

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