Subterfuge Blind To Reason CD

Subterfuge Blind To Reason CD


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Subterfuge are from Melbourne, Australia and first made a name for themselves back in the mid 90’s with the release of the “Darkland Awakening” CD which received widespread critical acclaim at the time, particularly in Europe and established Subterfuge as Australia’s leading proponent of  ‘trad goth’.

Subterfuge toured Australia back in those days but all had gone quiet by the end of the decade with main man Clifford Ennis focusing his attentions to other projects and bands (namely as guitarist with Ikon which has since toured Europe on numerous occasions).

More recently a Subterfuge CD album called “Reflect<<Rewind” (a collection of their work) was released in 2013 on European label Strobelight-Records and since then Subterfuge have been working on brand new material culminating in the 9 track album “Blind to Reason”.

Comparisons (whether rightly or wrongly) have been made in the past to The Sisters of Mercy and will most likely continue to be made with this new album.

There is also a hint of Depeche Mode’s darker stylings in some of the slower tracks One third of the new album is penned by the original duo of Clifford Ennis and Rick Mullen and see’s Subterfuge evolve (as one would expect after 20 or more years) to, dare I say, a slightly more sophisticated sound but still very much goth, still dark and still saturated in glorious melancholy both musically and lyrically.

   First edition issued with postcard

Track Listing

1. This Long Hour2. Unhinged3. You Play the Victim So Well4. Blind to Reason (high tide mix)5. Jealousy.6. Vow7. Bitter End8. Hang Your Head in Shame9. Guilty by Association.
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