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After 17 years of sending molten hot riffs hurtling through the void of the punk scene, STRUNG OUT have proven exactly why they’re one of the most stylistically sought after bands around. They have spawned countless imitators, but none have been able to emulate STRUNG OUT’s scorching blend of aggressive metal riffs and captivating melodies. In the wake of 6 full length albums, 2 EP’s, and a slew of appearances on various compilations STRUNG OUT have amassed numerous unreleased and rare tracks, which can all be found on their latest release Prototypes and Painkillers. Spanning the length of their career, Prototypes and Painkillers is a comprehensive collection comprised of 25 blistering tracks, including 7 previously unreleased and 11 out of print songs. This album is an absolute essential for all STRUNG OUT fans. Bilging with the frenetic and ruthless intensity that has become synonymous with the band’s entire catalog, Prototypes and Painkillers is a testament to STRUNG OUT’s ability to not only adapt to, but push the boundaries of the scene and sound they helped to create.

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