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Straightline was found in the late 90s under the name Softcore but renamed themselves after their Demos and before their first Record “No Way Out” in 2005. The Members changed a couple of times and got their final Line-Up in 2013.
They released 2 more EPs in 2010 ‘’Change of Seasons’’ and in 2012 ‘’Sourcrowd’’ An EP only consisting of short Thrash and Crossover songs), released their 2nd Full Length “Final Redemption” in 2013 and went on Tour in Eastern Europe as well as Ukraine & Russia.
After their EP “Alteration of the Rules” in 2014 they toured the whole European Continent, went on tour in Japan in 2015 and played several Festivals, such as Punk Rock Holiday and Mighty Sounds.
Later that Year they supported Satanic Surfers on their whole Latin American tour. Their new Record “Vanishing Values” was released in 2017 via Bird Attack Records in the US, Canada and Europe, the band returned to Japan and played various Festivals such as Jera on Air or Quimera Fest in Spain.
In 2018 the Band toured Australia and Canada for the First Time incl. festivals such as music for Cancer and supported Ten Foot Pole & Big Wig on several shows of that tour.
In 2019 the band re-released Vanishing Values through Lockjaw Records with alternative artwork and coloured vinyl.
They are currently working on new Music and will be back with a new record and a tour with Much the Same in 2019.

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