Skullclub SmÆkhugger Vinyl LP

Skullclub SmÆkhugger Vinyl LP


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Danish Skullclub is no longer an unknown name in the Danish rock scene, but despite this, they have never compromised the violent style Skullclub is known and notorious for.

Now the band is launching their long-awaited 2nd album, which will once again shock all delicate souls.

Since the band in 2015, kicked the door into the Danish rock scene with their praised debut album "Gamle Ar og Nye Tænder", they have played countless praised concerts around the country, thus renaming the Skullclub as one of the wildest live acts in the Danish rock scene.

The expected follow-up album under the name “Smækhugger” is now ready to give the world another slap in the face.

The style is still uncompromising and the record reveals that the band continues in the same genre mix between raw and unpolished punk rock and sing-along folk, who precisely define Skullclub's sound.

The band itself says: "It's our most raw and unpolished record to date - we try to go all the way completely with the sound that defines Skullclub.

- "We are still moving between “pedal to the metal" punk rock and sing along sailor beer choir.

We feel we have been aiming to perfect the style we made from land on the previous albums.

And then “Smækhugger” is also our most nasty record so far.

" So sit back and get offended when Skullclub with the new album “Smækhugger” continues to rob and rape not only the Danish, but the worldwide rock landscape! .

Track Listing

1. Knæk Nak Skipper2. United Fake America3. Du Som Lort4. Når Børnene Sover5. På En Knækket Gren6. St Pauli7. Thailand Takeaway8. Natspermer9. LGFM10. Langt Pokker I Vold11. Dirty Old Town
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