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A "Jærtegn” is a Norwegian word for a warning or an omen. It’s most often understood as an ominous, negative or fateful sign. A miracle. But the word is paradoxically assumed to come from the Norse word "jarkteikn", which in turn comes from the Gothic "airkns" which means "real", or "proof".

Skambankt follows up the acoustic album "1994" with another somewhat atypical Skambankt release. The band has aimed for an even more varied and dynamic expression, "Jærtegn" is not hard-hitting rock music like you would usually expect from the band. Or rather, the rock attitude is in there somewhere, perhaps as a repressed rage, but there are other emotions Skambankt explore on this album, the unknown, the uncertain, the magnificent, the hurt and the despairing... but also love.

“Jærtegn" is Skambankt's ninth studio album since their debut in 2003, including the EP Skamania (2004). The album was recorded at Nabolaget Studio in Oslo, produced by Roar Nilsen and Terje Winterstø Røthing. The band, from Klepp outside Stavanger, consists of Terje Winterstø Røthing, Hans Egil Løe Abelsnes, Tollak Kalvatn Friestad, Børge Sageng Henriksen and Jonny Engelsvoll.

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