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Starting with an idea and building on it is the truest dynamic of modern music. When the idea grows, evolves and changes, it's an indication of good music. Seattle's newest residents and Bellingham's favorite sons, the SHOOK ONES, have seen this and followed through, allowing their sound to branch out into dynamic and new territory. Their poppiness exudes on Facetious Folly Feat, charging through these eleven new songs with an ease and flow that harkens back to the days of bands such as the DESCENDENTS and BLACK FLAG, where the aggression was tempered with a musical identity distinguishable from the rest. Scott Freeman once again lends his trademark vocals that have been compared favorably to LIFETIME vocalist Ari Katz, with a unique note of political and personal thought, moving in directions not often aimed for by such tuneful bands. It's rare for a record to have the charisma that Facetious Folly Feat does, but even rarer when a record defines the aggression, heart and passion of hardcore music without trodding on beaten trails. With this effort, the SHOOK ONES show they are more than capable of sharing their passions and pains with the world, and most importantly, doing it in their own way.

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